Monthly Clean Club

Join Our Monthly Clean Club!

*Fine print: customer agrees to stay in the clean club membership for 1 year. Club memberships that are canceled prior to the 1 year mark will be charged the remainder of the balance for the year based on the selected club. This is to prevent customers from joining the club to take advantage of the discount and then canceling the membership. By signing up for the club membership you agree to this term.

You’ve seen monthly shave clubs, monthly food delivery services, and a plethora of other monthly subscription services. One subscription you’ve never seen is a monthly CLEAN CLUB!!

We know how important it is to keep your carpet, upholstery, and home exterior clean, and we know how expensive keeping up with all of these services can be so we’ve created a program that allows you to save 50% off of every cleaning, every time for only $10 per month ( Per Service $100 minimum )

Here’s how it works: You want to save money on carpet cleaning, so you subscribe to the Carpet Cleaning Club and you’re set up for reoccurring payments of $10 per month. You can have us out there every day, every week or every month the choice is yours! We won’t limit the amount of times you can take advantage of the 50% off deal all you have to do Is keep paying the $10 per month for the requested service.

You can subscribe to one club or all 3 ( carpet, upholstery, pressure washing ) they all work the same, $10 per month for each service to receive 50% off. (Subscribe to all 3 services and get it for $25 a month!)

Lets break down the numbers without the clean club membership:

Now lets break down the numbers with the clean club membership: